By: William Seals

Upland, CA- December 3, 2012

Imagine sitting at your favorite bar, pub or night club sipping your drink as you talk to your friends. When suddenly a police officer walks behind the bar, grabs the bottle your drink was just poured from, swirls it a little, and then shines his flash light at the bottom of the bottle. Suddenly you see little black specks swirling in the bottle. The officer calls the manager over, they have a brief discussion and the manager promptly starts pouring the bottle down the drain. What are those specks you wonder?

Well, those specks happen to be little insects, bugs, or debris and the terms for bottles like this are “buggy bottles.” These are improperly stored or spout bottles that don’t close correctly. Bugs, in their hunt for the sugars in the alcohol, climb into alcohol bottles, die, and are left floating around in the alcohol. While debris usually falls from somewhere up above the bottles, floats down and into the bottles, and like the bugs is left till found. The hope is, it’s caught by an establishment’s staff before it’s caught by a customer.RBSS or Responsible Beverages Sales and Service is a class offered for retailers throughout the Inland Empire. When is enough, enough? What does a fake I.D. look like? What can I be held personally and legally liable for as a server or establishment owner? And, how to properly store alcohol? The focus of the class is teaching servers and retailers not only the importance of proper I.D. checking, the liability of serving to minors, but also the importance of taking care of a location as a whole be it a restaurant, convenience store, bar, pub, etcetera. RBSS answers the who, the what, the where, the when, and the why of alcohol retail. As a retailer or a server it’s better to be informed and reduce your liability as a server or owner. Also, as a patron wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your server or alcohol retailer is looking out not only for themselves but for you too.

For more information regarding RBSS or Responsible Beverage Sales and Service please contact Reach Out a local non-profit which offers RBSS to the community at (909) 982-8641 and ask for William Seals or Omar Gonzalez for more information or to attend a class.

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