Youth Grantmakers (YGM) is a very special project. Instead of your typical community service opportunities, where high school students go to a specific site and volunteer their time, YGM students actually allow these sites to operate by funding them with mini grants. YGM is composed of 25 students from 6 different high schools in the West End of San Bernardino County. They meet once a month for 3 hours to learn about the grant making process and what it means to be a philanthropist. Everything in this program is youth driven; the facilitators are just there to act as guidance.

Throughout the year they learn several different techniques that real funders use. The first one is how to conduct a needs assessment survey and actually get your priorities based off that survey. Usually the results are: teen pregnancy prevention, substance abuse, academic stress, future expectations and bullying. Once they have identified the priorities for the year, the youth create a RFP and submit it throughout the west end of San Bernardino. The youth fund about four agencies each year with the max grant being $2,500. In the past three years YGM has donated $24,140 to local nonprofits and schools in the area. This year is no different and our award ceremony is June 6th from 4:00-6:00pm at Central Park in Rancho Cucamonga. At this ceremony the students will present each agency with a big check and we say good bye to our seniors who are off to college. Our students are exceptional, well round, young adults with a bright future ahead of them. Some of our students from our program have gotten into top notch colleges, for example: Yale, Brown, Swarthmore, UCLA, Scripps, and Berkeley to just name a few. This is a great program with tons of opportunities. If you are interested in joining and our a high school student or interested in joining our steering committee please contact Brooke Bailey for more information at