Mentoring Programs: Inland Empire Youths Reaching Their Full Potential

The strength of each Inland Empire community lies in the future of our children. The values that they learn today will dictate the way they engage work, school, family and life. Judge Marsha Slough, presiding juvenile court judge for San Bernardino County Superior Court, recently stated that a child needs seven healthy connections in order to avoid a life of gangs, drugs or violence. You can do your part by standing up and being one of those seven people that help guide youth towards a fulfilling, positive adulthood and a stronger Inland Empire. Mentoring programs offered by Reach Out are designed to offer support, dedication and compassion to those who need it most as well as supplement the devotion of hardworking parents with enriching activities and outings. These experiences help junior high and high school age youth expand their horizons and their opportunities.

Strengthening Communities through Mentorship

Mentorship, on the other hand, strikes at the root of the problem by providing role models and healthy relationships for children and youth. Studies show that youth with mentors are more likely to:

• Attend school regularly
• Continue on to higher education
• Avoid substance abuse
• Have positive social attitudes and relationships

The guidance of a mentor provides accountability, and facilitates a fulfilling, positive journey into adulthood. For over 40 years, Reach Out has helped connect youth in need with those who are compelled to help through mentoring. Whether you are interested in becoming a mentor, donating to help support our mentoring program or simply learning more about our mentoring programs, Reach Out is here to help.

Help open doors for at risk youth by supporting mentoring programs. The Inland Empire and Pomona valley are key communities served by Reach Out, so call (909) 982-8641 to find out how you can make a difference.

Our Mission

Reach Out's mission is to strengthen communities by bringing people together to solve our region's toughest issues: breaking barriers to educational achievement, expanding economic opportunities, and creating safe, healthy and innovative communities.

Our Vision

We envision thriving, safe, drug-free communities where young people have equal access to networks of support, quality education, career options, and opportunities to develop the skills to succeed in their lives.

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