Inland Empire Parenting Classes

Through our parenting classes, we are able to reach out to young parents, pregnant teens and other parents of all ages who are facing the challenges of being a new father or mother. Reach Out collaborates with regional schools, initiatives, faith based organizations and other non-profit organizations to provide parenting classes that teach parents the fundamental skills they need to provide for their children without sacrificing their own educational or professional opportunities. Inland Empire is home to many pregnant teens, some of which are still in high school, and by providing them support and resources, we can help them build healthy relationships with their children and manage the numerous priorities that they juggle as parents and students.

Young Parents Network

Our Young Parents Network program offers parenting classes to pregnant teens, as well as fathers. The focus of these parenting classes is to safeguard opportunities for the parents by preventing additional pregnancies, developing career skills and setting goals for the future. We help fathers remain engaged in the rearing of their child and teach young parents how to care for themselves and for their baby.  These parenting classes are offered to teens at the high school level.

Fatherhood Program

The Fatherhood Program focuses on keeping father’s involved with their children and is offered to dads of all ages, including teens. These parenting classes are designed to give fathers with children ages zero to five the practical parenting skills they need to play a substantive role in their lives. During this 10-week course, fathers are empowered to assume moral, emotional, psychological, spiritual and financial responsibility for their children. Based on the 24/7 Dad curriculum, the parenting classes are also supplemented with home-based service program that helps fathers recognize developmental milestones and teaches the importance of conducive play and early reading for children during the first five years of age.

To learn more about parenting classes, Inland Empire mothers and fathers can call Reach Out at (909) 982-8641 or visit our website for more information on how to get involved.

Our Mission

Strengthening communities by providing programs that create hope, education, and empowerment for young people and their families.

Our Vision

We envision thriving, safe, drug-free communities where young people have equal access to networks of support, quality education, career options, and opportunities to develop the skills to succeed in their lives.

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