Community Health Workers

Service Area

Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Who We Serve

Community members

What we Provide

Class training, field experience, and certification in community health

Community Health Workers Help Build Healthy Communities

Reach Out’s Community Health Worker (CHW) Training and Apprenticeship programs prepare individuals to become the bridge between the healthcare system and the community in an effort to address health disparities and social determinants of health, which collectively influence the health outcomes of the population. In association with Victor Valley College and the Local Apprenticeships Uniting a Network of Colleges and High Schools (LAUNCH) network, participants learn a high level skill set to become Certified CHW Professionals.

Become a CHW
Advanced Training

Training Community Health Workers in substance use education yields multifaceted benefits. By harnessing their influence and knowledge, we create a cost-effective, grassroots approach that not only prevents and addresses substance use disorders, but also fosters a culture of informed decision-making, compassion, and improved overall community well-being. These empowered frontline advocates become equipped to:

  • Raise awareness about substance misuse risks
  • Offer culturally sensitive interventions
  • Identify early signs of addiction

Now Recruiting!

Classes will be held in person Mondays & Fridays from 9 – 11 am

*Must have a CHW certificate*

The Road to Become a Community Health Worker

Community Health Workers

Through the CHW curriculum, participants are able to learn about advocacy skills, service coordination, research and evaluation, public health topics and more! CHWs are in high demand to help their communities grow healthier and stronger! 

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The AmeriCorps Program offers additional opportunities with public health training provided by the CDC. Participants will become members within the AmeriCorps network which is nationally recognized and provides direct access to opportunities nationwide after completing one service year at Reach Out! 

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Promotores de Salud- CHW

Promotores de Salud (CHWs) are lay members of the community who work in association with local health care systems, academic institutions, health departments, and community-based organizations — their primary function is to serve as liaisons between the community and the health care system!

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CHW General Training 

Giovanna de Souza
Outreach Specialist

CHW General Training 

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Outreach Specialist

AmeriCorps CHW 

Devina Sanchez
Program Coordinator

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Shawna Pope
Program Support Specialist