A Conference for Local Change Agents

National Innovative Communities Conference

June 11 - 12

Riverside Convention Center

An annual convention that focuses on regional innovation and improving quality of life in local communities. With over 500 leaders from government, business, education, and healthcare attending each year, the event offers two days of networking, idea generation, and practical training to enhance quality of life for all stakeholders.

NICC 2024: Real Change Starts Here

This year’s theme, Real Change Starts Here, celebrates and reinforces the transformational potential of local engagement, cross-sectoral partnerships, and bipartisan collaboration in driving regional change.


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A Convening Ground for Change Agents

We connect regional change agents nationwide, enabling them to network, share ideas, and bring back inspiration to improve health, prosperity, and quality of life in their communities.

A Place to Listen, to Learn, and to Understand

Our attendees are committed to cultivating a nonpartisan, non-divisive environment upheld by a shared desire to listen and to understand. 

A Spotlight to Recognize Notable Changemakers

Our event sheds light on ordinary people creating extraordinary impact in their communities through organizations, agencies, and companies they represent.

Meet Our Speakers

Yusef Salaam

Yusef Salaam is best known as a member of “The Exonerated Five,” a group of five boys—four black and one Latino— who were tried and falsely convicted of a crime in a frenzied case that rocked the world. On April 19, 1989, when a young woman was brutally raped and left for dead in New York City’s Central Park, the five innocent boys were accused and became known collectively as “The Central Park Five.”

Dr. Victor Rios

Dr. Victor Rios is MacArthur Foundation Chair and Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Using his personal experience of living on the streets, dropping out of school, and being incarcerated as a juvenile—along with his research findings—he has developed interventions for marginalized students aimed at promoting personal transformation and civic engagement.


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