Youth Advocates for Health Access

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Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

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What we Provide

Learning opportunities for youth interested in a career in healthcare fields.

One of the ways in which Reach Out answered the challenge of COVID-19 in 2021 was with Youth Advocates for Health Access program .

The Youth Advocates for Health Access program provides learning opportunities for young adults from 16 to 19 years of age who are entertaining a career in one of the various healthcare fields.

Participants were exposed to a variety of skills in various fields, including communication, advocacy and professionalism. Training was done both virtually and in-person.

As part of this year’s experience, 17 students spent their summer deployed to communities within the two-county area with more than a dozen of Reach Out’s health equity partners. Their mission was to address vaccine hesitancy and acceptance in various populations. The program was funded by grants from the Public Health Institute Together Toward Health and the Golden State Environmental Justice Alliance.

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900+ Hours of Service (2021-2022 fiscal year)

28 of 30 seniors in MIND 2018-19 attended an university beginning Fall 2019 with intentions to pursue a career in mental and behavioral health